Membership and Benefits

The council is the focal point and serves as the voice of Africa’s solar energy network to represent members in the sector, of all sizes and stages of development. We work tirelessly on behalf of our members, building on our established relationships with governments to ensure the solar industry voice in Africa is heard where and when it matters, from setting the skills agenda, market development, technology and innovation, financial mechanism, policies and regulation and beyond. We help our members and businesses to expand in Africa region by providing them with market insight and networking opportunities with industry leaders. Members receive critical news update, access to regional solar reports and market assessments, partnership opportunities, powerful advocacy and discounts to selected conferences and events.

Join leading local and international organizations and partners that are creating enormous value across all solar energy sectors in Africa, building a greater sense of common purpose, developing a better understanding about solar energy issues, and initiating continental outreach about the benefits of solar energy use in Africa. We are driven by the issues that matter to solar business – and if there’s something holding you back, we are here to help. Join us to represent the interests of the fastest growing solar network in Africa.

Benefits of Joining AFSODECO

We speak on your behalf in the media and represent your interests with governments and policymakers.

Both nationally and internationally,we provide the whole industry perspective, from small installers to large developers in Africa.

We strive and help to shape the policy decisions that impact you, making sure that we have the best possible regulatory framework to maximize the solar businesses. At all scales, we strive to continually improve minimum standards and create best practice. We also provide information on market trends at all levels through our programs, events, publications and meetings.

Our events are primary connections for doing business in Africa in the solar industry; building the relationships and helping you seal the deals to make your agency and company realize growth. We realize these through our meetings and networking events with industry leaders through our signature conferences, strategic initiatives, media interviews, event speaking and sponsorship, joint papers and communications campaigns.

We give you insight and expert opinion into emerging trends, complementary technologies and open new end markets for Africa, we provide accurate, in-depth and timely information on the latest developments, trends and opportunities in solar industry- to support market entry, product development and other critical business decisions

The members receive discounts on regional conferences and events as negotiated with event organizers. Other discounts include significant savings on industry reports and third party services such service providers

As a member, you will receive frequent inquiries the organization receives from potential customers, investors, distributors and suppliers.  You will also qualify for an optional listing in the centre’s Directory, helping businesses to find your company. Additionally, members will also be able to access other group members.

Provide support from design to implementation, to help you raise awareness of your products and generate new leads and to raise awareness of new initiatives or projects

Our members are listed on the AFSODECO website with their names and website and use the AFSODECO Logo

AFSODECO represents the interest of the members in international debates and discussions

The AFSODECO team is ready to assist you in all your requests

Access to centre’s newsletters and member-only reports and exclusive news from the Africa solar energy sector.

Exclusive invitations to partners/affiliate regional and country events.

You will be able to contact other AFSODECO members through our members platform.

You can also contribute to our publications by sharing your articles and reports.

Finding your business partners.

You will be able to advertise yourself through our newsletter, publications and during conferences and trade fairs by displaying your advertising materials