Principal Purpose

The council is a platform for solar energy industry stakeholders and well positioned to provide information, promote partnerships, business models, friendly policies and financial structures essential to the use of solar energy for sustainable development; as an agency:

  • We create awareness and provide information related to solar energy data and statistics.
  • We provide support and advice on best practices, policy development and regulation.
  • We promote and support  financial mechanisms to attract investors and financiers.
  • We support standards, consumer protection, tariff pricing and affordability.
  • We support new technologies and innovative business models.
  • We support and build technical and implementation capacity of relevant stakeholders.
  • We promote sustainable market development, framework and investment climate.
  • We provide networking program and  effective dialogue with stakeholders.
  • We represent key  industry groups and committees on grid issues for solar.
  • We organize events and industry seminars with stakeholders to share information and  knowledge.
  • We work, collaborate and partner with global agencies to strengthen international solar trade.